Strategic CMO Braintrust

The CMO Braintrust is made up of a group of marketing executives from companies of all sizes. What connects these individuals is a desire to constantly improve the results they see from their marketing spend and ensure that the partners they work with are held to the same standard of innovation. These individuals have recognized in SINC a partner that truly wants to continue to evolve in the technology marketing space and they are vital in the feedback process of new products and cutting edge approaches to delivering leads, education and the top content in the C-Level boutique event space.

Aside from closed door strategy sessions in San Francisco and New York City with SINC staff, the members of the CMO Braintrust are on regular calls with SINC management and provide a product quality control that is not available from any other competing event providers.  The CMO Braintrust ensure that SINC truly listens to the goals of IT solution providers and uses this actionable intelligence to remain one step ahead of its competition in delivering results for its clients.

The current participating executives:


Steve Lim, Vice President and Head of Marketing at Vantage Data Centers

Serving as Vice President and Head of Marketing, Steve has more than 17 years of experience building and delivering strategic cross-platform marketing campaigns for a range of globally-focused technology companies.  Steve has worked with both large and small organizations to build high performing marketing teams through the recruitment and development of marketing professionals at all levels, and to deliver successful marketing programs across multiple functions and regions. He most recently served as the Director of Global Marketing Programs and Content for Equinix, where he built and delivered marketing programs across the globe. Prior to that, he led marketing teams at companies in Silicon Valley, including: McAfee, Cisco and Adobe.


Julie O’Brien, Interim CMO / Vice President of Coporate Marketing at Nutanix

Julie is responsible for leading all aspects of corporate marketing at Nutanix.  This includes global brand strategy, channel and alliance marketing, demand generation, marketing operations and corporate events. She brings more than 20 years of global marketing and leadership experience to Nutanix from start-up and large enterprise software and networking companies. Prior to joining Nutanix, Julie was VP of corporate marketing at Good Technology, where she re-launched the corporate brand identity, built an integrated global team and established the company’s first worldwide conference program. Before that, she was the industry marketing director at Box, where she led the strategy and team responsible for evangelizing secure cloud collaboration in key verticals. Prior to Box, Julie held a number of marketing leadership positions at Cisco across core networking and collaboration software product lines.


Robin Daniels, Head of Global Product, Segment and Activation Marketing at LinkedIn

Robin is Head of Global Product, Segment and Activation Marketing at LinkedIn. Formerly he was the Chief Revenue Officer, previously CMO at Vera, and a prominent advocate and expert on enterprise software, security technologies, cloud and mobile computing and business innovation. Before joining Vera, Robin led enterprise marketing at Box, growing the company over five times in three years. Prior to Box, Robin led product marketing at Salesforce for the Chatter product line, spending more than 4 years at the company in both San Francisco and London. Robin has worked in technology for over 15 years for leading companies such as Veritas and Vignette too. Robin is from Denmark, where he studied international marketing at Copenhagen Business College.


Connor Fee, Chief Revenue Officer at UserVoice

Connor is working with a stellar team of entrepreneurs and engineers to help companies understand the needs of their customers and users. Previously he was the Vice President of Marketing at Uservoice. He was responsible for all marketing strategy and activities at Nasuni – resulting in record growth in accounts and revenue for eight quarters in a row. As one of the first employees, he served Nasuni in a number of roles before moving into marketing including field sales, product management and technical leadership. Previously he co-founded and served as CEO for Event Seek, where he directed corporate and product strategy and vision, leading the company from concept through commercial product, customers and revenue. In addition to overseeing the product and associated development, Connor raised multiple financing rounds from private investors amidst a rapidly changing economic environment. Connor also led the sales effort at Event Seek, establishing and leading a relationship management process that led not only to the company’s first sale, but to a distribution partnership with 500+ installations. Solid early-stage leadership and vision combined with a strong understanding of strategic issues and challenges makes Connor a highly valuable member of many different teams.


Jeffery Hoffman, Head, Financial Services Strategy & Business Development Asia Pacific at Atos

Jeff is an International financial services industry executive and senior leader with in-depth background in successfully developing, programming, directing, and deploying effective and efficient operational and structural business technology initiatives. Possesses solid background in technology and operations combined with a successful and proven track record of delivering results. Proficient at assessing complex financial services business challenges and effectively transforming them into plausible Information Technology solutions. Highly proficient in streamlining business systems and operations, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, increasing market share, driving profit, revenue growth, and net operating income. Articulate and persuasive communicator skilled in influencing direction with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. International experience includes North, South, and Central Asia, South America, Central America, Latin America, and Europe.


Jed Ayres, President and CEO at IGEL 

Jed is a passionate business leader that is engaged in developing high impact partnerships, high growth go to market strategies, differentiated branding, all driven by next generation marketing. As an accomplished senior executive with expertise in technology sales and marketing, with diversification in the telecommunications and hospitality industries he has achieved success at global companies, as well as smaller entities with a passionate focus on top line growth and innovation.  Jed brought more than 20 years of IT industry experience to his role as SVP Marketing at AppSense and was responsible for AppSense’s corporate marketing, social, branding, communications and lead generation strategies globally.  Now at IGEL, Jed is the leader in social selling with his expert modern marketing techniques and strategic leadership.


Andrew Taylor, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at The CSMO

Andy is proficient in sales and marketing, with a passion for social selling and aligning activities to increase business engagements that drive pipeline and revenue. He has been recognized for 'cutting through the noise' and translating business vision, technology and product features in to simple, clear, value messages that resonate with target audiences. Experienced in creating Partner win-win scenarios, building vendor relationships, and managing diverse teams.