Thursday, August 22 | Dallas, TX

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

RingCentral and SINC invite you to our Learn & Go networking event at Maggiano's. Join us for an informative discussion and then grab a to-go meal for four to enjoy at home, our treat!

Why attend
Time to call it! Your old “business phone system” just can’t keep up anymore. The arrival of new tools for connectivity, multiple devices, and an ever-growing number of ways to communicate—make it clear that the way we work has changed forever.
We carry smart devices with us every day, but most companies are trying to integrate these smart devices with a dumb backend — a backend they are being encouraged to maintain by legacy vendors with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. This creaking and aging infrastructure is preventing companies from treating their communications engagements (employee, customer, and social) equally. Join us in this open discussion as we cover this and other key industry topics and how the latest trends impact your business.

Arrivals (refreshments available) and meal orders placed
Presentation and Discussion: Inspire Employee Productivity

Join us at Maggiano's in Dallas to hear from our collaboration experts and discover how a unified cloud communications solution can help your teams work:

  • Smarter—Use one integrated solution for voice, video, messaging, SMS, and fax
  • Faster— Eliminate redundant apps and processes that impede workflow efficiencies
  • Together— Adopt tightly integrated tools that make your employees more productive
  • 4:30pm
    Head home with your to-go meal for four (our treat!)