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Club Sportiva IT Leaders Exotic Car Tour 

The Exotic Car Tour on March 8th, 2019 will allow drivers to experience six exotic & luxury vehicles on some of  the best roads in California. The participants will drive through multiple towns, starting  from Club Sportiva’s Silicon Valley Clubhouse. 
The group will head towards the mountains  by driving up Highway 9, Skyline Blvd, Highway 1, and Highway 84. Our lunch break will be hosted at Alice’s restaurant, which is a famous destination known for their appetizing  continental menu and automotive motif.  Each driver will experience multiple vehicles by rotating from one vehicle to the next at predetermined stops along the way. 

Exotic Car Tour Itinerary

Arrival: Meet and greet with the other drivers, complete necessary paperwork and admire the cars that will be driven. Since driving on an empty stomach is not fun, all attendees will enjoy a continental breakfast that will give the energy and focus that is required to drive these exotic and luxury vehicles. If a manual transmission vehicle is on the Experience, test drives will also take place during this time.

Begin Exotic Tour: Our staff will talk you through the itinerary and cover the route, car rotation schedule, and safety instructions. After the briefing, typically a random key draw is done, and our staff will bring the drivers up to speed on vehicle functions. You will have a chance to drive all the cars available during the experience

Stops & Rotation: There will be multiple stopping points along the way for drivers to rotate through the vehicles on the way to the famous destination, Alice's Restaurant

Lunch Break: Enjoy a complimentary lunch that gives you the opportunity to chat with other drivers about the vehicles you have driven so far.

Stops & Rotation: Additional rotation points for the drivers on the way on the way back to the Club Sportiva - Silicon Valley Clubhouse

Recap at Clubhouse: Drive back to the Clubhouse where we will have a full recap where we will discuss the day, vehicles, and the overall Experience.



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Insurance Requirements: 

Participants will need to provide Club Sportiva with their personal automotive insurance policy prior to this experience via DocuSign. Typically a standard full coverage policy will meet our requirements for comprehensive, collision and liability limits. Our team will verify each drivers insurance in advance of the experience.